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Employment Law Handbook (Second Edition)

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Want to stay in compliance, reduce risk, and save money?

Learn how to comply with Illinois and Federal employment laws and reduce legal risks. Get fast answers to everyday questions and employee problems with the Illinois Employment Law Handbook (Second Edition) with CD-ROM. It is affordable, convenient, and Illinois-focused.

Education is your single best weapon against wrongful termination lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims, and other legal issues that can drain your company’s finances. We deliver cost-effective materials to provide you with easy-to-understand guidelines.

This handbook is an easy-to-use guide to understanding and complying with both Illinois and Federal law, including:
• Employment At Will
• Reduction in Force, Plant Closing, and Mass Layoffs
• Independent Contractors/Contingent Workers and Temporary Labor
• Written Employment Contracts
• Affirmative Action and EEOC Reporting Requirements
• Privacy in the Workplace
• Hiring Process and Related Issues
• Post-hire Employment Practices
• Employment Discrimination
• Immigration
• Unemployment Compensation
• Personnel Files, Mandatory Workplace Posters, and Record Retention
• Wage and Hour Requirements
• Employee Benefits and much more!

The Illinois Employment Law Handbook (Second Edition) with CD-ROM provides 580 pages of easy-to-read text that explains what employers need to know in order to stay in compliance with State and Federal employment laws.

This two volume set and CD-ROM costs $189 plus shipping and handling.

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