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Education is integral to the community and fosters a desirable quality of life that attracts and supports a thriving business environment. Adequate funding for our schools is imperative. Public education should provide a well-educated workforce that will enable attraction of new employers and the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Because the business community is a stakeholder in the quality of public education, we encourage business involvement in all aspects of public education.

  • The Chamber supports the development of an adequate and predictable funding formula that enables the education system to deliver an affordable and quality education to all students.
  • The Chamber encourages improving the region’s education and quality of workforce by supporting education reform at the local, State, and Federal levels that improve school outcomes.
  • The Chamber supports building the capacity for enhancement of parent/guardian engagement, community involvement, and cultural diversity in students’ learning and development.
  • The Chamber encourages strengthening the articulation and accessibility between our education systems and workforce.
  • The Chamber promotes access to high quality, life-long career development for the region’s present and future jobs.
  • The Chamber supports efforts to create quality programs and services that will increase entrepreneurship.

Workforce development efforts have created a growing number of collaborative partnerships. In addition to the nearly 100 business champions participating in various programs, the Chamber actively collaborates with the City of Aurora, Waubonsee Community College, school districts 129, 131, 204, and 308, to organize, create, and support the three initial career pathways in IT, health sciences, and advanced manufacturing. The current focus is on identifying and promoting the three pathways for Fall 2015 implementation in the local high schools. Work-based learning opportunities for students and educators were held this past summer with additional opportunities identified for Summer 2015.

In addition, the Chamber is working with KCDEE, Business Career Services, River Valley WIB, and businesses to offer the Manufacturing Careers Internship Program this fall to eligible, at-risk individuals between 18 and 21.

Another effort we are leading is with the Menta Group/First Employment to identify opportunities for work-based learning for their students between 18 and 24 who are aging out of their study programs. We have already had some success with interested businesses in support of the students.


For information, contact the Chamber at (630) 256-3180.

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