About the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce

Our History

Aurora’s first Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1906. Seven years later, the Aurora Commercial Club was established. Its primary focus was purely set on the commerce of the community. According to all reports, the Commercial Club had done great work but it was not fully equipped to meet the city’s civic and commercial problems created by new conditions.

In January 1920, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce was organized. Since then, the Chamber has been working effectively for the civic, commercial and industrial welfare of the entire community. Three decades later, in November of 1956, the Board of Directors approved changing the name to the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

Even more than 50 years ago, the foresight of the Chamber Board of Directors and staff realized the growth potential of this community and the impact the Chamber of Commerce could — and would — have on that growth.

Throughout its history, the Chamber has been instrumental in furthering the commercial, economic and cultural enhancements within the City of Aurora.

In the early 1980s, the Chamber established a committee of Chamber members to focus on increasing tourism within the area. This committee was the forerunner of today’s Aurora Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. In the 1980s, in partnership with the City of Aurora, the Chamber established the Aurora Economic Development Commission. Its goal was to bring industrial and commercial development to the economy of our community.

Today our mission states that the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce is a membership-driven organization that serves as a catalyst for business development in the greater Aurora and North Aurora region. The catalyst for business success includes but is not limited to Vision, Advocacy, Leadership, Inclusiveness and Dependability. The core strategies where we focus are member development, organizational development and economic development.

We are a comprehensive business and community resource that uses our legislative influence to advocate for, and have an impact on, the needs and interests of our community. The Aurora Regional Chamber is an indispensable part of our community and a valued resource to our members. Businesses express a sense of pride in being a member of this great organization.

Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce
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