U.S. Chamber: Tax Reform

With Congress back to business this week, the work on tax reform is intensifying. ‎Thanks to your hard work and partnership last month, we were able to keep the drumbeat alive with 252 events at local, metro and state chambers (many with elected officials present) calling for fundamental tax reform over August recess. 
We agree with the major players in the administration and Congress: businesses need comprehensive tax reform consistent with our principles not merely tax cuts. ‎This week, hearings begin in earnest diving into the specifics of reform that should lower the rates for both main street businesses and corporations, simplify the code, and transition our system to more internationally competitive rules that do not disadvantage our multinationals. The President is continuing to take his case for reform on the road, visiting North Dakota this week for a bipartisan event with a Democratic Senator.
We urge you to continue to weigh in on your need for tax reform. Op-eds like this one from Pennsylvania are extremely helpful, and we would be happy to work with you to craft them (and would love to capture them to help make the case after they are published, so send them in). ‎

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