Aspiring to Servant Leadership

When I was asked to join the Leadership Academy, I was nervous at first to join a group and talk about leadership and who I am. I was curious about what the program had to offer and what kind of connections I could make between businesses and Fox Metro. So far, I have found the meetings and seminars to be very beneficial. My skills and mindset of being a leader have just begun, but, from what I am learning, have been there the whole time.

When we met last week at the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry, we listened to a panel of local leaders who shared what they believe is servant leadership. I have heard of servant leadership, googled it, been told that I am a servant leader, and was still wondering what it exactly means to be a servant leader. I certainly got some good insight as to what this was all about last Friday. In order to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. In following others, you also have to want to help whatever cause you are involved in.

Not only were the leaders on the panel all very passionate and driven, they were also women. This inspired me and had me thinking that these women are proving the system wrong. They are stepping up in the community and serving every single person who wants and/or needs help. From feeding them to caring for them medically. Wow! How amazing was it to hear their stories and how they became who they are because they believed in the community and in the systems that needed fixing. What a great example of being a servant leader in every single one of those women.

I feel like they have inspired me to believe more in the community that I live in. To be a servant of the community and develop as a leader is an amazing concept. Easy to think about, but hard to accomplish. How do I relate this to my job though? How these women expressed about being driven and involved in helping others can easily mirror over to my workplace. My belief is that I can serve the community at work by making sure the water flowing back to the river is clean and the ecosystem is flourishing because of our work. To serve my team and the people that I am in charge of and working with will be a huge opportunity to grow as a leader. There are more employees here than just me. More minds that are not like mine. By realizing, the strengths and building them up, I will be building myself up and accomplishing the goal of Fox Metro.

Typing out how inspired I was on Friday is difficult. One leader saw a need to feed people. The rest saw an opportunity to come together as different leaders to help not just hunger, but also health (physical and mental), nutrition, income, and all other facets of life that need to be addressed in the less fortunate. Leaders coming together for one goal. To serve the community.

Kevin Boedewig is electrical foreman at Fox Metro Water Reclamation District and has worked there for four years. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have two sons ages 2 and 3. Life can be a little hectic at times, but he says they very fortunate to live in Aurora and take advantage of all of the wonderful cultures of the city and district.


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  1. Angela Van Vuren says:

    I agree, Kevin! This session had me thinking about how I can improve my servant leadership.