Bringing Leadership Awareness to the Masses

I can’t express enough how much I’ve enjoyed participating in this year’s Aurora Chamber Leadership Academy. Each week we have been introduced to a new leader and his or her insight on leadership. Through this insight and recent events in the news, I developed this awesome vision! Dr. Adrienne Coleman and Chief Kristen Ziman teaming together to speak to organizations on cultural diversity and being solution-orientated. What a great formula for a successful business culture! This one-day training would be held at the Paramount and companies would bus or fly their employees in to attend…end vision!

Why is it so important to bring this awareness to the masses?

In Dr. Coleman’s session, we were encouraged to engage in uncomfortable conversations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Putting this into practice, I shared with another Leadership Academy participant something I’d never spoken in public. Subconsciously, I think about being black/African American and try to dispel bias thoughts when interacting with customers. My partner in this discussion shared that in his field of business, he hasn’t had to think about his ethnicity. I believe these two perspectives (our truth) is the case with employees within many organizations. As business owners and leaders, it’s important to have these discussions in the workplace. When we learn to respect other’s perspective… we can give respect away freely! And then we can work together to become a solution-oriented organization.

Chief Ziman discussed how the Aurora Police Department has transitioned into a solution-oriented organization. She expressed you can’t change culture overnight, but it does change ever so slowly. And one of the most powerful tools she’s used in this implementation is respect!

Step 1 to developing a solution-oriented organization starts with attitude! We should “give respect freely, don’t wait for it to be earned.”

Step 2, using critical-thinking skills, break the problem apart to understand it from the root to the surface.

Step 3, employ creativity to surface solutions that break the boundaries of traditional thinking and surface differentiating solutions

Step 4 includes disciplining ourselves to adopt the attitude of a champion, commit to focus and analysis, and leverage our creativity, then act.

I gained more insight on how to develop a solution-oriented organization from

Chief Ziman has done an excellent job of incorporating these steps!

Yolanda Dunn is a participant in the 2018 #AuroraLeadership Academy. She is co-owner with husband Tito Dunn of Leave Me Bee Pest Control, Inc. Leave Me Bee is a full-service pest control company for residential and commercial customers. 

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