#AuroraLeadership Academy Recap

We are coming up on the last of ten weeks with the 2018 Leadership Academy and I must say it has definitely been worth the while.

From leadership development, social services, cultural diversity, community sustainability, and local government, we have learned much from passionate professionals in these areas.

My biggest takeaway from these sessions has been to have obtainable goals, to be honest with myself, and to listen to others’ needs and desires. These are clues as to how you can help them be successful in their field.

Do not make any preconceived ideas or concepts about anyone. Treat everyone you meet with open arms and a smile; you will no doubt get one in return.

Genuinely listen to what other people have to say, ask questions and comment on the conversation. Be in the habit of doing good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.

Invite them to events and refer them to others that are seeking their type of business. Eventually these good deeds will come back around to you tenfold and remember: People like to do business with people they know and they trust, it’s as simple as that.

A participant in the Aurora Chamber’s 2018 #AuroraLeadership Academy, Michael Latone is a former electrical engineer from Southern Illinois University who has had a long career as an entrepreneur, field engineer for Northrop Grumman, Second City actor, residential real estate broker, and energy consultant. Due to a recent family health issue in 2011, he recently has settled in on the health and wellness industry offering TeleHealth services from 1.800MD. 

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