U.S. Senate to Vote on JOBS Act 3.0

Congress has been talking about pushing pro-growth bills to spur economic growth and job creation. Now is the time to hold Congress accountable.

The House has passed, by a wide bipartisan margin, a series of bills (JOBS Act 3.0) that help reverse the decline in companies going and staying public and reinvigorate innovation.

Going public gives a company an infusion of capital to invest in new business, grow and expand the company into new geographies, and create new jobs. And when more jobs are created, families are able to save, and to invest those savings.

We haveĀ half as many public companies today in the United States then we did in 1996.

The creation of public companies leads to both innovation and job creation. The Chamber is optimistic that the Senate can follow the House’s lead and pass a JOBS Act 3.0, but they need to hear from you.

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