Governor Signs Bill to Transition to Multi-year Vehicle Registration Opportunity

Illinois law previously required owners of motor vehicles plated in Illinois to register and re-register their vehicles every year. Rep. Mark Batinick sees this as a potentially onerous mandate upon busy Illinois households. He sponsored an innovative proposal to allow (but not require) Illinois residents the option to buy a two-year license sticker.

The Office of the Secretary of State (the agency that registers Illinois motor vehicles) asked Batinick and the Senate sponsor to amend their bill to create a 2-year transition program into the new multi-year registration cycle. Therefore, multi-year registration stickers will be available no later than January 1, 2021. Nothing in the new State law will require motorists to buy a multi-year sticker; this is meant to be a voluntary option for Illinoisans. HB 4259 was unanimously approved by the House and was signed into law as P.A. 100-986 on Monday, August 20.

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