‘Honor 200′ Deadline Approaches to Nominate Illinois Veterans

Eligible are all persons who live in Illinois and have received an honorable discharge from the U.S. military. Their family and friends are invited to submit the names of eligible Illinois veterans who have accomplished significant things for their communities. The nomination form, due Friday, Aug. 31, gives the person submitting the nomination the chance to write down a list of (a) the prospective honorees’ dates of military service; (b) his or her military service commendations, awards, and decorations; and (c) his or her significant community accomplishments.

Both military commendations and community service will be taken into account in selecting a final group of honorees. The goal of the “Honor 200” campaign is to demonstrate a straight line of correlation between the abilities of Illinois service personnel to work as members of their military units and their ability and desire to use these life patterns of teamwork on behalf of the Illinois communities in which they live. “Honor 200” nominations should be sent to the Chicago office of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The nomination may be submitted online. “Honor 200” veterans will be recognized at Illinois’ Bicentennial Birthday Party and Gala to be held on Dec. 3, 2018.


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