Can You Save with an Association Health Plan?

As you know, our Chamber provides you and your business with resources to help make your lives a little easier.  We are always looking for valued partners who can help us provide value to our members.

One of our Chamber members approached us with an opportunity to help our members buy insurance through an association health plan at a better rate than what we could do on our own.  As you might know, there has been a lot of discussion about “Association Health Plans” in the media and the new law/Executive Order that was signed.

Our member has several insurance companies who are very experienced in providing association plan solutions to entities such as ours.  Some of the benefits of buying insurance through this plan include:

  • 5-15% lower rates than what you could get on your own
  • Renewal rate cap of 7% once we get 500 employee lives in the plan
  • All of the unused claim dollars are returned to you and your business

We are looking to kick this new Association Plan off on January 1, 2019.  In order to get started, we will need to collect information from a sample of members that will help the underwriters get familiar with us and build the rate charts they will use when underwriting members who are interested in joining the plan.

The information we will need to collect from you is:

  • Most recent renewal, showing rates, who is covered and the benefit plan (deductibles, copays, etc.)
  • Census of all eligible employees, working 30 or more hours per week.

There is no commitment at this time. We are simply gathering a sampling for the underwriters to create the rate charts. You will find attached a spreadsheet to help gather the census information. Once I receive this information from you, I will forward it to the underwriters to get the plan put together.

If I could ask you to send this information to me as soon as possible, we would like to have an informational seminar to review the benefits and review next steps (how you can sign your business up) within 30 days. Again, there is no obligation on your part to participate in the plan at this time.

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