2018 Midterm Election Recap

This month, saw record turnout for a mid-term election. As of this posting, there were still a number of national (and local) races undecided.

U.S. Congress

Sixth: Sean Casten (D-Downers Grove) defeated Peter Roskam* (R-Wheaton)

Eleventh: Bill Foster* (D-Naperville) defeated Nick Stella (R-Darien)

Fourteenth: Lauren Underwood (D-Naperville) defeated Randy Hultgren (R-Plano)


Federal Take Aways

  • Democrats took control of the U.S. House while Republicans maintained (and expanded) their control of the Senate.
  • Federal issues expected to be priorities this term include:
    • Immigration
    • Infrastructure and Transportation
    • Affordable Care Act
    • Job Creation


State Officers

Governor: J.B. Pritzker (D-Chicago) defeated Bruce Rauner* (R-Winnetka)

Attorney General: Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) defeated Erika Harold (R-Urbana)

Secretary of State: Jesse White* (D-Chicago) defeated Jason Helland (R-Mazon)

Comptroller: Susana Mendoza* (D-Chicago) defeated Darlene Senger (R-Naperville)

Treasurer: Michael Frerichs* (D-Champaign) defeated Jim Dodge (R-Orland Park)


State Senate

District 21: Laura Ellman (D-Naperville) defeated Michael Connelly (R-Lisle)

District 33: Donald DeWitte (R-St. Charles) defeated Nancy Zettler (D-Algonquin)

District 35: Dave Syverson (R-Rockford)

District 38: Sue Rezin* (R-Morris) defeated Heidi Henry (D-Marseilles)

District 42: Linda Holmes* (D-Aurora)


State House

District 41: Grant Wehrli* (R-Naperville) defeated Val Montgomery (D-Naperville)

District 49: Karina Villa (D-West Chicago) defeated Tonia Khouri (R-Aurora)

District 50: Keith Wheeler* (R-Oswego) defeated James Leslie (D-Aurora)

District 65: Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) defeated Richard Johnson (D-Elgin)

District 70: Jeff Keicher* (R-Sycamore) defeated Paul Stoddard (D-DeKalb)

District 75: David Welter* (R-Morris)

District 83: Linda Chapa LaVia* (D-Aurora)

District 84: Stephanie Kifowit (D-Oswego) defeated Patty Smith (R-Aurora)

District 97: Mark Batinick* (R-Plainfield) defeated Mica Freeman (D-Plainfield)


State Take Aways

  • Democrats now have firm control of every level of state government. This is a main concern with redistricting being done following the 2020 Census and the reduction of one (perhaps two) Congressional districts.
  • Speaker Madigan saw his majority increase from 67-51) to a super-majority of 73-45 (71 constitutes a super-majority). The House has never held more than 72 seats. This is important to remember as it takes 71 votes to put a constitutional amendment (e.g., Fair Tax) on the ballot and to override a governor’s veto.
  • Senate President Cullerton, who already had a super-majority of 37 (one more than needed), saw his super-majority increase. The number is not known as there are still a few unclear. Races of Senators Chris Nybo (down 286 votes) and Mike Connelly (up 12 votes) are still unofficial and awaiting mail-in ballots.
  • Expected issues for consideration include:
    • Gaming Expansion (including sports gambling)
    • Minimum Wage Increase
    • Recreational Marijuana Legalization
    • Infrastructure
    • Fair Tax Amendment
    • Gas Tax/Mileage Tax
    • Healthcare Sterilization (see Sterigenics and can also impact hospitals and other medical centers that use ethylene oxide to sterilize medical devices)

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