101st General Assembly to Begin

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the new 101st General Assembly officially gets sworn in.  However, before the new General Assembly is sworn in, the current General Assembly will meet for its final two days of session (known as ‘lame duck’).  In all, there is nothing major expected to be brought up during the lame-duck session.  While the legislature gets sworn in on Jan. 9, the Governor and other constitutional officers are not sworn in until Jan. 14.

The recent November election coupled with the high turnover of legislators in the previous few years has provided a lot of changes in the makeup of the General Assembly.  Many key business allies and long-serving icons are departing.  In all, 46 new members of the General Assembly will be beginning to serve their first full term upon swearing in.  New members who will be serving the Aurora region include:


  • Laura Ellman (D – Naperville) defeated GOP Senator Michael Connelly in the general election.

The total makeup of the 101st Senate will be 40 Democrats to 19 Republicans.


  • Amy Grant (R- Wheaton) will replace outgoing GOP Rep. Jeanne Ives.
  • Karina Villa (D – West Chicago) will replace outgoing GOP Rep. Mike Fortner.
  • Dan Ugaste (R – Geneva) will replace outgoing GOP Rep. Steve Andersson.
  • Jeff Keicher (R – Sycamore) is replacing outgoing GOP Rep. Robert Pritchard.
  • Anne Stave-Murray (D – Naperville) defeated GOP Rep. David Olsen in the 2018 general election.

The composition of the 101st House will be 74 Democrats to 44 Republicans, resulting in Speaker Madigan’s largest supermajority since he became Speaker.

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