Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry Establishes Evening Food Distribution

Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry has begun an evening distribution from 3  to 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month for those who would like to receive food, but cannot visit the pantry during the current daytime distribution hours.  Depending on the response, evenings could be added for additional weeks each month in the future.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seven percent of the workforce in any community is still living at the level of poverty, with incomes of $25,720 or less for a family of three.  In Kane County, that could be as much as 56,700 persons.  There are an additional 76,700 persons in Kane County who are considered low income, with annual incomes of between $25,980 and $51,960 for a family of three.

Visiting a food pantry not only provides needed food and increases food security for individuals and families who are struggling, it also helps families stretch their resources to better cover living expenses.  Food that is received from Aurora Food Pantry does not have to be purchased at the grocery store and the savings can be applied to cover things such as rent, utilities and medicine, helping people maintain their homes, keep the lights on and stay healthy.

According to Brisa Barraza, Aurora Food Pantry director of operations, “Our goal is to discover where a need exists in the community and offer food programs to meet that need.  Just as we developed special programs for veterans and school children, we will now accommodate the needs of those who work daytime jobs.  Many working families are strapped, as they struggle with inadequate income.  Our new evening distribution will extend our ability to fulfill our mission to ensure everyone has access to needed food.”

On the third Tuesdays when there is an evening distribution, there will be no daytime distribution hours and the pantry office will not open until noon.  Those interested in visiting Aurora Food Pantry during an evening distribution or needing further information can go to their website at or call (630) 897-2127.  Volunteers are also needed for these monthly evening hours.  Any individuals, businesses or groups interested in volunteering during an evening distribution can contact Alexandra Roman at (630) 692-3059 or

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