House Republicans File Resolution Opposing Gov. Pritzker’s Unfair Tax

This week, Illinois House Republicans filed House Resolution 153, which states unified opposition to Governor Pritzker’s plan to tax small businesses and middle-class families out of the state through the implementation of a graduated income tax – an “Unfair Tax”.

“Illinoisans cannot afford another income tax increase and we cannot afford a system that allows politicians to play with rates and brackets just to fill budget holes,” said Assistant Republican Leader Avery Bourne. “A graduated income tax will inevitably bring a tax increase on a majority of Illinoisans and will hurt small businesses – making us even less competitive with our surrounding states. I’m proud to stand in opposition to Governor Pritzker’s proposed tax increase.”

“The Democrats and Governor Pritzker are yet again proposing an intellectually lazy solution to a very serious fiscal problem,” said Assistant Republican Leader Grant Wehrli. “When we should be working collaboratively to grow the economy and create new revenue through job growth, the majority party just wants to continually look for more ways to raise taxes.”

This spring, Democrats will begin the process to receive voter approval to change the state Constitution to move Illinois from a flat tax to a graduated tax. This would remove an important protection for taxpayers while handing over a blank check to the government.

Last year, a House Democrat sponsored HB 3522, which sought to impose a graduated income tax. Under this plan, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability revealed that 77 percent of Illinois taxpayers would see an increase in their income tax liability for a total of over $5.2 billion in new taxes.

“Illinois families already pay the highest overall tax burden of any state in the Midwest, and among the highest in the nation,” said Assistant Republican Leader Keith Wheeler. “Enacting a Graduated Income Tax, with rates set by politicians in Springfield who would have the ability to increase them at will, would result in a tax hike on middle-income families and hasten the exodus of jobs and opportunity out of Illinois.”

“We have huge, systemic problems in Illinois, and these continual tax increases are not the solution,” said Deputy House Minority Leader Tom Demmer. “Raising taxes didn’t work in 2011 and it didn’t work in 2015. We need to enact policies that grow the economy and create jobs. A pro-jobs agenda, coupled with fiscal restraint, will put Illinois back onto a path toward financial stability.”

“Proponents of this tax are misleading themselves and the public if they think changing the Illinois tax system this dramatically will only affect the very wealthy,” said Assistant Republican Leader Michael McAuliffe. “As in other states, this tax will ultimately mean an increase on the middle class and even those below. Seniors and others living on a fixed income cannot handle yet another tax hit from a government that cannot live within its means.”

“With all of the new promises and increased spending by the majority party, this will be a tax increase on the majority of Illinoisans who are the middle class of our state,” said Assistant Republican Leader C.D. Davidsmeyer.

“It’s clear from the projections coming out of the Pritzker administration that a graduated tax will lead to increased taxes on middle class families across the state to generate the revenues they claim are needed,” said Republican Conference Chairman Tim Butler. “We have lost 700,000 residents in the past decade because of Illinois’ crushing tax burden and the signing of Senate Bill 1 into law last week means we are certain to lose more job creators and those they employ. To increase the cost to get by in Illinois even more is only going make this problem worse. We simply cannot afford this ‘unfair tax’ increase.”

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