Consumer Liquor Home Delivery Passes Committee

SB 54 (Sen. Don Harmon, D-Chicago) expressly allows retailers to deliver liquor to consumers. The retail industry is ever-evolving and growing as technology offers more conveniences for consumers. One innovative step has included the use of mobile phone apps, telephone and internet orders, and curbside pickup to facilitate the purchase of groceries and alcohol. Illinois currently allows this innovation to thrive and retailers have used various procedures to facilitate liquor delivery either through an independent contractor, employee, third-party contractor delivery, or curbside pickup.

Safeguards to verify the age and identity of the consumer are required at the point of sale and at the point of delivery.

Inconsistency has arisen as some local municipalities have been prohibiting it while others have been expressly allowing it through ordinance. In order to encourage continued innovation and establish a consistent policy, Sen. Don Harmon brought stakeholders together that include the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, Wine and Spirits Delivery Distributors of Illinois, and the Illinois Beverage Association to work on an industry compromise.

The legislation allows retailers to continue using the aforementioned delivery methods and ordering platforms while also inserting consumer safeguards. The legislation also requires the liquor to be delivered during applicable hours of sales from an Illinois retailer to an Illinois consumer within a 30-mile radius.

The legislation passed the Senate Executive Committee by a unanimous vote with the agreement that Sen. Harmon will bring an amendment back to the Committee for consideration.

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