Leadership Flexibility

The word leadership is something that has developed more meaning and depth for me within the last weeks in the academy. A reoccurring theme that keeps appearing throughout the various sessions with different leaders is the notion of perspective and understanding. Something I never thought to be correlated with leadership, but now has shifted. The understanding of different leadership styles, being able to understand people’s perspective in order to have effective leadership.

We’ve covered through different theories of leadership styles and characteristics but the ability to be understanding of the person’s perspective in order to be an effective leader has been very salient in presentation. From understanding that a company is not meeting targets and seeking innovative ways to transform this culture to being able to understand staff impact and perspective by this shift. The understanding of leadership theory (theory y, soft x, and hard x) and knowing when to use them depending on the the circumstance.

It’s been quite eye opening in being in tune with my own leadership style and when to adjust the “getting a task done” with building a level of understanding in order to complete the initiative to the fullest potential. It’s been especially interesting to learn the different forms of effective leadership from all hierarchal  standpoints and with different levels of authority. I love being able to challenge myself to think about these presentations and become a change agent.

Miriam Meza is the communications manager at the Aurora Public Library. Miriam earned her masters in higher education from Northern Illinois University. She currently lives in Aurora with fiancé and beagle.

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