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Registration and further details may be found by calling (630) 256-3180.


“I had no idea how informative the Academy would be. I have gained great new clients; I now coach a local sports team; and I have friends in leadership positions throughout Aurora.”


“On my first day, I met Mary Tarling from Aurora University. She helped guide me in being the leader that I am today when she stated that as leaders we should want our staff to outgrow us. My staff thanked me and even said they were taking notes from me on ‘how to be a leader.’ I will use [these skills] for the rest of my work life.”


“We all learned how to improve our personal leadership skills, how those skills are used locally by leaders in our community, and most importantly how we can apply what we learned through practice and giving back to our community.”


"The Leadership Class was very educational and informative. I learned a lot of things working with all of the different people who represented all of the difrerent agencies, organizations and businesses. I feel it was challenging it made us think outside the box, loved the experience and all the people I worked with, would do it again!"

Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy is offered to representatives of member businesses and organizations and is designed to prepare a select group of qualified candidates for future leadership roles in the Aurora area.

Established in 1979, the Aurora Chamber’s Leadership Academy has a rich history of providing confidence, knowledge, professionalism, and strong leadership skills that not only benefit the attendee but also their employers. The goal is simple: To create a development opportunity for graduates to serve and enhance themselves, their employers, and the community.

Over the past 35 years, more than 800 community leaders have participated in the program. Many have gone on to lead local businesses and organizations. Some have gone on to public office. All have left their mark on the community.

Our community needs you! Realize your potential to make a difference in the Aurora region. The program begins Friday, March 1.

Class size is limited. Applications and tuition will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants must possess a sincere interest in serving the community.

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Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce
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