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The purpose of the Council on Legislative Affairs is to advocate for a better business climate for our members by influencing economic and public policy. The council brings together representatives of the business community – geographic, categorical, political and demographic – to create a unified voice for business. All advocacy efforts are founded on supporting business success, promoting the local economy and protecting the business climate of our region.

Resolution Urging Workers' Compensation Reform

Resolution Opposing Graduated/Progressive Income Tax

Resolution Supporting Illinois' Independent Redistricting Amendment

Resolution Supporting New Transportation Infrastructure Construction Program

2017-2018 Legislative Agenda

The advocacy role of the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce centers around three key components: educating its members, building relationships, and creating capital for the regional business community. To accomplish a successful program, the Aurora Chamber develops a Public Policy Agenda that focuses on its goals.

T he Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce represents business from the greater Aurora area. We act as the voice for business and we are committed to ensuring a favorable economic, legal, and regulatory climate for the business community. Our mission is to publicly support policies that will protect our member business needs and facilitate economic growth in our region. We hope that you will take the time to become engaged in these issues and, in turn, communicate with your elected representatives.

At all levels of government, well-intentioned initiatives often have unintended consequences. Without input from the business community, these initiatives could adversely impact the ability of businesses to stay healthy, generate jobs, and create a higher standard of living. However, when business leaders communicate with their elected officials, better public policies result. A Chamber-generated legislative scorecard tracking local elected officials and Chamber-identified legislation may be found here.

The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for business and believes in free enterprise. The Chamber reserves the right to involve itself in rule-making decisions. It is a priority to support our business community by assisting in the cutting of red tape and removing excessive restrictions. The Chamber will be proactive on issues of concern to its business membership, including:

Intergovernmental Cooperation
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce strongly supports increased collaboration and sharing of resources between local units of government to improve the cost effectiveness and the efficiency of service delivery to taxpayers and business.

The State of Illinois continues to need more ethics reform to ensure all public officials are held to the highest standards and all elections are fair and open.

Education & Workforce Development
Education is integral to the community and fosters a desirable quality of life that attracts and supports a thriving business environment. Adequate funding for our schools is imperative. Public education should provide a well-educated workforce that will enable attraction of new employers and the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Because the business community is a stakeholder in the quality of public education, we encourage business involvement in all aspects of public education.

Economic Development
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce supports economic development initiatives that will make our region’s businesses stronger, healthier, and more prosperous. The Chamber supports business by encouraging and playing a key role in economic development. The Chamber will support economic development policies that are aimed at encouraging business investment and improving business productivity.

Budget & Taxes
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce supports a competitive and fair tax climate that promotes and fosters economic growth through private sector expansion.

Transportation & Infrastructure
The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce believes transportation and infrastructure are vital to the region’s economic growth. As such, we support improvements to our region’s transportation infrastructure, including the Interstate and State highways, railroads, and municipal airport.

Labor & Employment Law
The Aurora Regional Chamber recognizes the current and future workforce challenges facing our region’s employers. The Chamber supports legislation that enables businesses to hire and maintain a skilled workforce.

Healthcare & Insurance Reform
The Aurora Regional Chamber recognizes that most healthcare coverage is provided by employers. To make it easier for employers and their employees to afford the healthcare coverage they need and the effective quality they deserve, the Chamber supports action to accomplish these goals.

Hospitality & Entertainment
The Chamber appreciates the crucial role travel and tourism plays in our community, our State, and our country’s economy. We support efforts to revitalize growth in all sectors of the industry and oppose efforts to cripple segments of the business community through unfair means.

Download the complete Agenda for details [PDF].

Approved by the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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